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Louder Than Silence Productions-LTS Productions Logo
LTS PRODUCTIONS. Design. Management. Consulting.


Louder than Silence Productions is a multi-functional design, management and consulting company with an international portfolio based in Las Vegas, NV . With over 25 years experience and an impressive client list, LTS Productions approaches every project with the professionalism, experience and attention necessary to meet the client's every expectation.

DESIGN. Where aesthetic meets technical.


Installations, photo ops, and experiential encounters. National tours, local non-professional theatrical productions, and benefit performances. Our designs are based on the client's, producer's, director's and choreographer's needs, and ultimately providing a beautiful, unique and memorable experience for the clientele. From napkin to 3D modeling and rendering and from production budgets to production schedules, communication is one the most important considerations in this collaborative effort.

SERVICES. What you want is what we do. 


We know a lot. And we do a lot. And what we don't know, we know where to find it. And what we don't do, we know who does. And knowing that makes us the most significant partner in your portfolio.

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