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At LTS Productions, simplicity doesn't mean boring.


It's said that there are 5 principles to an effective logo. It's a) simple, b) memorable, c) timeless, d) versatile and

e) appropriate. With an emphasis in typography-based logo development and design, our goal is to provide effective graphics that support the branding of a project, product or concept. We want to tell your story visually, creating a distinctive voice that moves a viewer quickly from seeing to understanding.



Additionally, our experience in creating powerful presentations is unparalleled. Through the use of the most current presentation software and applications, we are able to construct dynamic tools that will actively enhance your message... to sell, inform or present. From a basic slideshow to a compelling proposal rich in multimedia, custom graphics and branded theming, we will provide you with the tools to engage your audience and sell your message.


Sometimes simplicity does rule.

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